Thursday, November 06, 2008

1 down 1 to go

WoooHooo!!!I got through the first part of the magistical memories DT call! :-)

We had to make 3 things with our own chipboard and I submitted the wallhanging from here, the halloween board book from here, and this LO. From the submissions received they would pick 20 - however, in the end they picked 27 - so obviously some very tough competition out there.... eeek!

Anyway, my submission was clearly enough to get me through to the final which is going on now... They are sending us some products to work with and from those submissions will pick 9 chipboard artists for their 2009 DT.

I intended to apply for this last year and didn't at the last minute, and have often regretted that so thought i'd have a go this year. I can't say I honestly expect to get through, but if you don't try and all that... plus, I'm possibly at a slight disadvantage because being in the UK, my package will take longer to arrive, meaning I'll have less time to work with it, but ces't la vie ... i'll just have to get a wiggle on when it comes I guess.

Anyhow, we'll see ;-)

A hybrid LO today using a pic which was taken last year when Carlo and I found ourselves surrounded by ALL our children at once... now, that's not something that happens very often anymore, and was a cause for much excitement and silliness - as you can see :-)

Me and my clan: happy 2b together

So, poor as this pic is - and I know it's dreadful quality, I love it, of course.
All digi elements printed and cut out by hand.


Tiff & Kate's wordy bits - Thanksgiving
Kate Hadfield designs - Gobble Gobble

As always, thanks for dropping in...!! jk xxx


Bekka said...

Fantastic news Jakey - well done I am really pleased for you and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the final :-)

Love the LO too


Kim Sonksen said...

Well congratulations girl!!! I am not surprised that you got through to the next round and I keep me fingers crossed that you will be part of their 2009 team!

Tracie H said...

Congrats Jakey - fingers crossed you make it through the final round :D

Jessica said...

congrats on that very exciting news! Your work is beautiful!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great news!! Good luck with the next round!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay! Go Jakey! :D

Paula said...

Fabulous news. I tried to leave a comment beore but my computer was having a hissy fit & I unplugged in disgust;)

Gorgeous hybrid page. Love how you are all enclosed in the circle.

Ifa said...

Congrats Jakey, love your submissions.

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

congratulations - and I just love that LO!!

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