Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I couldn't give a HOOT!

I couldn't give a hoot- another LO for Magistical Memories, round 2DT call.

Just a tongue in cheek look at the aging process - and my thoughts on that...
Photo taken this year at Churchills War Exhibition in London - We couldn't resist the kids hat table! :-D

Journalling (for those with middle aged eyes that can't see...)reads:

So I'm not as young as I used to be.

It's true that without my L'Oreal, those golden locks would have a fair sprinkling of greys and my bum's never going to fit into a pair of size 12's again.(or 14's, who am I kidding??)

I can't read a thing without my glasses, and my memory...?
Well, it's not as sharp as it was...

... and my memory's not as sharp as it was either... ;-)

I know I really should grow up and start to act my age, dress appropriately, and behave myself better.

But d'ya know what?I couldn't give a HOOT!

Life's for living, and as long as I can live mine the way I want to... I'm going to!

Chippies used = Owl hang around, and May apple blooms, scalloped edge book plate.

thanks for dropping in :-)
jk xx


Bekka said...

I love this LO Jakey :-) Its brilliant. I love the colours and the own is adorable.

This should storm the competition

Thank you for sharing


Paula said...

Gorgeous page, I love that shade of blue.
Totally love your journalling, it should be on billboards everywhere. We women should all love who we are & just get on with living not being made to feel we don't conform because we aren't size 0. I will never fit size 10 again & if I aren't careful wil spill out of 12's too but I am happy regardless!!

Julia said...

Love the layout and the journalling is 'Oh so true'. WTG girl. you will rock this competition I'm sure.

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