Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Memory Box (altered for magistical memories round 2 DT Call)

I'm still waiting on the postman to deliver my chippies for the 2nd round of the competition, and it's so frustrating knowing everyone has them but me. No matter, thanks to the girls ATDML, I managed to get hold of a film strip and some book plates and a few other bits (Thanks Jill!) so I had something to work with. My fear is that the package will turn up on the 23rd when everything needs to be in on the 25th and i'll be disqualified coz I have nothing to show!

Anyway - this is the project I did manage to get done :-)

I bought this old pencil box at a boot sale, I think it was 50p ( me and my thrifty finds...) lol :-) I told Carlo I would alter it and he said it was ghastly and anyway, it'd be too much trouble...

Pah! What do men know? :-)

First thing was to sand it back a bit and then repaint in acrylic. I chose a nicer red - Christmas Red by Anita's. Then came a lot of inking - of course ;-). It's lined with inked spotty paper, and the lid covered with a beautiful scripty heavy paper - sorry, no idea what, but ancient.

The magistical memories filmstrip was painted, as was the bookplate and folk heart, then inked and once dry I outlined everything with a Krylon Bronze leafing pen. Fiddly, but looks gorge.

I dyed some silk flowers, and outlined them with bronze pen, and decorated the paper ones with bronze stickles and pen also. The heart was wrapped in crinkly copper wire, and I altered some pewtwr brads with krylon pen. Lace coloured with 7 gypsies colour wash. Rub on, deco brad, ribbon and fibre make up the lid pull, and finally everything was drybrushed with copper gold acrylic.

The hardest part was finding and choosing suitable old pics to shrink and sepia tone - I have too many!

Inspired by the idea of making a memory box for the coffee table I hope to fill this with old photo's of Christmas past, Santa notes and other memorabilia for the family to browse.

Thanks for looking - I hope you like my project!

Family news, Vin went up to Birmingham's Carling Acadamy last night to watch Bullet for my Valentine, Black Tide, Bleeding Through and Lacuna Coil with his mate Ollie ( and Ollie's mum and dad, who are considerably braver than me...) He came home with ringing ears... lol, but had a brilliant time and escaped the Mosh Pit's with his life! I shall now be subject to listening to this for days no doubt.... pity me!

Ok, work calls. More later!

jakey xx


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Delicious. The flowers are sooooooo scrumptious. Elegant. The project itself is cool (i¨d love a memory box for Christmas past)and the craftmanship is superb.
Love it to bits. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Good job on your box! Its lovely! Could you do me one too please? Love lil mary xxx

Maria said...

Ooh, that is just perfect.

Hope your goodies arrive soon.

I remember the days of ringing ears. Sounds like a fab time was had.

Happy Thursday xxx

Hannah said...

This is just beautiful, I wish you luck!

Hannah xx

Julia said...

OMG Jakey that box is just gorgeous!!!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Absolutely Yummy Jake....worth all the effort...fingers crossed xx

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

This project is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Jake, this is truly scrumptious! Love the colours and all the embellies. Beautiful and inpsiring work as always HUn, good luck

McMGrad89 said...

I love this and I love the detail you used when describing how to make this. I doubt I would be able to find such a pencil box here in the US. the closest thing we had in school were these cardboard boxes that were in the same style as cigar boxes and they didn't hold up well through a school year to wear & tear. Now pencil boxes are plastic. :-( I am sure I will be able to use the techniques you used on something else though. Thanks for sharing. ---Good luck.

Marjolein said...

Like it.....? Jakey, this is just so gorgeous, I love it! Every detail is perfect, thanks for describing how you did it! I'm so totally into Vintage right now, that this makes me wanna have one too!!! Good luck!

Paula said...

Stunning work.
My blog feeds are broken & aren't alerting me to updates!!!! So I only just found this :(

Jeanie said...

This is just awe inspiring, i'm cheering you on girrl! Anyone can trash look like that warrants a place! You got MY vote!


Anonymous said...

I am drooling here - this is the coolest altered box I have seen in like FOREVAH!!!! Totally gorgeous¬!

p said...

awesome!! you did a fantastic job on this.

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