Saturday, October 25, 2008

who's that girl...?

So, I asked Vin what he thought of my lil wall hanging...
It was just a pretty thing I made using a bigish jenni bowlin chipboard flower, a bit of pink wire and lots and lots of kate's gorgeous goodies. Just a lttle thing... but I loved it.

He said it was lovely - really pretty, and such a cute photo of Jazz.....

I'm smilin now....

I asked his dad next, what he thought... He loved the dimension and all the inky edges... { he does like an inky edge, does my Carlos... ;-) } He marvelled at my patience in cutting all the elements out...
...Oh, and he loved the picture of Jazz....

Only it's not Jazz! It's Donna!

It's Donna and my adored kitten Moth - in the garden of the first little house we ever bought years and years ago, just a few days before Moth was stolen from the front of the house. We were distraught and contacted the local paper as we lived near 2 schools and feared kids may have thought him a stray and carried him off. They used this picture in the paper - and Moth was returned to us next day!

But what's uncanny is how like Jazz Donna looks in the picture!
And Jazz's baby Jenna is the spit of them both lol!

Pic is a bit blurry as she never sits still, and it's off her dad's phone, but you see what I mean? The image!

I have to say I really enjoyed making this thing.

First, I painted the chipboard frame in pink lemonade acrylic, then dry brushed it with cherry blossom pink, before inking with warm red, rouge and dark brown inks. The background paper is BG Blush ( not sure which one as used a scrap but easily identifiable if you want it) , and all the elements come from Kate Hadfield's
Funky Junky Doodles which are available from the LilyPad.

Click image for close up.

And here's my mojoholder LO from last night:

Very tongue in cheek layout, having a playful poke at my youngest two! And again, another hybrid Lo using Kate's stuff. can you tell I'm hooked?

This week we lifted Janna Wilson
And this is the sketch Sarah made for us to work from:

Today is Ruben's 4th birthday party, though it's not his birthday til tomorrow. And last Thursday was Matilda's 2nd birthday. Mattie had a night garden theme at a soft adventure playground and looked totally adorable in her cute little dress from Next.

Love these pics of all the huffin and puffin!

She looks very cute here but trust me - she's a minx! Well, she's two - what else would she be? However in fairness, it has to be said, she behaved remarkably well at her party considering all the kids there and all the excitement going on :-) She was in fact the perfect little hostess!

Now I gotta admit, I have no idea at all who this character is - which is actually quite worrying... because it means Great Grandma (who's knocking 90) has her finger on the pulse better than me... but i'm sure many of you DO know.... wanna enlighten me? lol!

Rubie's having a halloween party, and Jazz has promised hundreds of pics. I'd better get some photo's of Minnie because I sent her an outfit!

A pumkin cloak and hat... !! In Chihuahua size!!

i know she'll scratch it off, but I could resist it. How cute to see a a chuhuahua in a halloween costume :-)

Can you say ahhh........?

hugz everyone! more tomorrow!

jake x


Bekka said...

Love the wall hanging - great fun!

Cant help you with the children's character but I hope the assembled kids were not traumatised by its head being cut off :-)

I will look forward with you to finding out who it is - I am tring to find out about current childrens characters for the village panto!

Have a great weekend


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lol Bekka! I smiled at the beheaded little man too. :D

Beautiful hanger Jakey! Love the layers on the layout and the kids smiles.

Suzy said...

More fabulous projects from you! The little hanging is adorable! the lo from the sketch turned out fabulous!

I loved seeing all the photos! Have lots of fun!

Paula said...

Totally love this week's mojo page the photos are fantastic. Great colour to showcase them too.
Gorgeous hanger it looked a real fun make.
Love those photos. I have no idea who the character is either!!

Anonymous said...

Well...! I knew that little girl in the pic wasnt me BUT my god i did think it looked like Jenna Leigh!!! Love the LO of me and my bro bro too!
Love Tilds bday pics, she is the image of her mother and brother! lol!
Will definatly send pics soon, bday boy,pumkin doggy and all!
Have know idea about the cakey thinking ive heard iggle pickle before...?? lol
love Jazz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Patti said...

no I think maybe boo bah? great cake you make, and lovely hanging.


Ifa said...

Love that hanging, I think you did a great job cutting all the elements out too but being a new reader of your blog, I got confused with all the names LOL.

Leanie said...

Its a Tombliboo (sp?) - pronounced tom-b-lee-boo
but I don;t know which off - its from the programme 'In The Night Garden' on CBeebies...
Love the cake! Actually, I love all cake :)
Loved these recent articles, will definitely be following you in mine!
L xx

Nancy said...

It's definately a Tombliboo. Lovely wallhanging and fab cake!

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