Friday, November 28, 2008

Traditions - making Yule logs.. do you?

Jazz's friend Ruth always made yule logs with her dad, and she passed the idea onto Jazz. As a child I used to help my Mum make the yule log, just like my kids helped me - but ours were the swiss roll, yummy bummy, chocolatty, robin on the top kind, whereas jazz and Ruths are made of real wood, candles, and decorations. And so not very edible... well, you probably guessed that, I expect :-)

But, it's become a tradition out there, and this year her and Hayley, Erk and his sisters, and the kids, found and sawed up bits of branch from their trees, and had a lovely time making yule logs together.. bless em, they all get so excited about all the Christmas preps!

I um...believe there was an element of competition this year.... not that I can see which one was supposed to have scored a series of perfect 10:00's, thereby creating yule log envy across the island... ;-) but take a look... you can judge for yourself... lol

The layout's a hybrid page with loads of scrummy elements from a gorgeous Lilypad Christmas collab called Merry and Bright For some reason my stupid printer made the alpha looked washed out - it's not! I need to twiddle with my settings, as it's actually a proper bright red, but I wanted to have something for the launch so went with it anyway. On release also is another Christmas collab: Good Tidings, both on a special price if your quick!

right, that's me -more later
jk x


Suzy said...

Loving your very bright & sassy Cool Yule layout. Sounds like fun making the yule logs. Enjoy your company.

Leigh said...

Cool tradition and layout!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Lovely layout and a great tradition!!

Biz baz xxx said...

Nice one mary! x

Bekka said...

What a lovely idea :-)

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