Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas is coming...!!!

We've started talking about trees and putting up the decs! Jazz has been making plans because she'll be here in a week and a half, and she does like to ... er... take over.... lol :-D

(typical Leo... nuff said!)

But that's good coz I don't mind, and she loves it all so I'll allow her to take charge - she's already decided what day we'll be doing it, and what we'll be eating, and where the food will come from - they've seen the Iceland adverts on telly and because they can't get the food out there, they've decided we'll be having it here instead! Bless em!

Oh, and they're bringing this monster with them.... Eeeek!!!! :-D

Apparently, she was left with that pot of choccy pudding for a few seconds while her Mum went to run her a bath... her first pot - and probably her last, I should think! Her dad was so covered in it after getting her out of the high chair and into the tub that he had to have a shower, and Jazz had to throw away her own top because she couldn't get the chocolate off it! lol... and she's coming here.... ooooeeer!

And to get into the spirit of Christmas, I've been making cards!

This set was made using magistical memories fancy frames, papered and inked, some ancient pp's, scraps of ribbon and aome gorgeous digi images, doodled by Katie H and available as part of a fantastic collab kit called Funky Junky Christmas from the Lilypad :-)

So, have a great day everyone... we have a few flakes of snow falling at the mo, but the weather man says rain. Have fun if you get the white stuff and take care :-) I'm off to finish my last piece for mag mem.. then it's the waiting game for me. TBH, I don't expect to get in, but I live in hope!


jk xx


Sue said...

Looove your card! Must start mine!

Edleen said...

the Little One is sooo cute!!! great frame there Jakey and how was your weekend?

wishing you a Great Week ahead! it's already Monday morning here ;)

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