Monday, November 10, 2008

Run Postie Run!

I'm waiting on my chippies!!!!!
Some of the girls have their MM chipboard already - some have even completed projects... Me? I'm still waitin...... :-( Really hope they come soon.

Just one Lonely Sketches! LO today.

Scruffy & Stripey Alpha by Kate Hadfield - Lilypad

Snowflakes and border things by Stacey Mann - Lilypad

It was good scrapping these piccies of our old boy. It's been months sice we had to say goodbye to him and we all miss him loads. We even think we see him, or hear him round the place. Carl nearly fell over going into the kitchen the other night coz he thought he saw (well, felt...) Henry under his feet. He trod on the strap of my handbag and panicked thinking it was old henna's tail...! You know when you do that, and you're doing that hoppy, jumpy, trying to balance thing, coz you daren't put your feet down in case you squish the cat?

God..I did laugh... but seriously - we really all DO think we see him... weird eh?

He's out with us in the snow, but he never really liked it. He was just so nosy he couldn't bear it if we were out there and he wasn't, so he had to follow... daft old thing.

Anyway, got things to do!

thanks for dropping by :-)


Edleen said...

hope your chippies has arrived ;)
that's a lovely layout you did with the sketch. so cute!

have a great week :)

Pearl said...

Fun subject for this week's sketch by Tamara , Jakey !

Hmm yeah hope the chippies dont arrive on Nov 23 now ! lol !

Hope you've got your ideas together already tho'in the meanwhile ! **wink**

Suzy said...

Great sketch!

That layout is so cute! I love that the cat is out in the snow, how funny!

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