Sunday, November 02, 2008

diggin the dirt

Well, not literally... but it seemed a good title for my little project using Jacque & Kate's fab overdrive collection :-)

Actually, I'm pretty disappointed with my photograph, because this digger is quite 3D IRL, it just doesn't show up here at all. I tried to photograph it from an angle but the flash ruined the pic completely, so maybe tomorrow I'll take a pic in daylight and try to show it up a bit better.

I nicked this cardboard lunchbox from mattie's party - Donna got them quite cheaply on the net - and I thought it would be fun to dress it up a bit with diggers and stuff. I should imagine any little construction fan out there would love to eat a picnic lunch from a customised box like that, and if it encourages them to eat when they'd rather be playing then you're halfway there eh? I remember when Vinnie was little, he was a total nightmare to get to the table if he was in the middle of a game!

Very quick, easy little project - in fact, if you was planning a theme party you could make up a batch of these in no time :-) If anyone wants the addy of the company that sells these boxes lmk, I'm sure Donna will still have it and I'll happily pass it on.

As always, thanks for dropping by

jk xx


Maria said...

Ooh, I love the lunch bag such a clever idea.

Good luck for your other project.

Happy Monday xxx

Paula said...

Cool project & I know what you mean about the flash ruining pictures! My Dad suggested to me taping a single ply tissue over the flash bulb to stop the glare & I still haven't tried it yet but he swears it works!

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