Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nearer and nearer....

Christmas, that is..... I'm getting panicky now, as it's just one month away, and I have nothing done.

Anyway, a quick post tonight as I've no time to waffle :-)

This is the layout I did for Tamara's Sketches! blog:

The piccies were taken yonks ago, and we just had to snap the big Paella, as at the time we said it was the nicest we'd ever had.. course, we say that about everyone we ever eat! But there you go... great paella deserves a photo, and I must have dozens on paella pics.... how sad! Lol!

And this is Jenna Leigh Leigh, looking the image of her Mummy at that age. Quite made me catch my breath when I got these pics I can tell you, as I have an almost identical set of photo's of Jazz somewhere, sitting in a pink dress on a wicker chair... Olan Mills I believe, but Jaz took these herself with her new cam ;-)

Anyway, it's another one for Magistical Memories, who have extended the deadline owing to one poor girlie not getting her package until a few days ago.

I can't scan it and I had no natural light so apologies for the rubbish quality of the image. The layouts actually lovely, if I do say so myself.

So, that's it.....thanks for dropping in
jk xxx


suebaru said...

Gorgeous,love both your layouts :) Christmas? Don't panic..you've still got four weeks!

Paula said...

Gorgeous pages, love the colours on each.
I wouldn't mind tucking into a plateful of that Paella, thought perhaps not right now as its only 7am!!

donna said...

good god she is the image of jazz in that photo! spooky.....;)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Don´t panic because if you do I will have to panick too. ;)

Love the girlie picture, and so many flowers! :)

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