Saturday, November 22, 2008

This way up!

I love these photos of Vin at the fair in Arrecife this summer. They were taken by his brother in law, Erkin, who was the only one mad enough to go up in the ride with him. The one on the right where he's hanging upside down and you can see all the people at the fair on the ground below cracks me up... talk about white can even see the white gleaming through his fingerless gloves!

I made the layout for Mojoholder this week, where we scraplifted a page by Nichol Magouirk
If you find it easier to work from a sketch, as I do, then try Sarah's sketch below:

What I do is I open up publisher and place sketch and page side by side, then I can see the original design and pluck whatever bits I like from that, and also see the basic shape of the design in clear lines. As you can see from this, I followed fairly faithfully the structure of the page, but altered the orientation of the title, replicated the bottom strips onto the top also, and tilted my focus pic as I felt on my version it was just too blocky - I wanted a feel of movement :-) I'm certainly not trying to teach anyone to scraplift here.. blimey, everyone knows it's not rocket science... just showing how I might personally scraplift a page by adding a bit of my own personality and style without just copying it verbatim.

Journalling reads:

You've always been mad for fairground rides son, ans i've snapped hundreds of pic's of you over the years... waving from the toddler cars, smiling on the back of a merry go round horse, and gripping on next to Dad on the roller coasters... but i've never had a set of photos like these before! Taken by Erk while you guys were actually up there! They're brilliant - and i'm so glad to see you had such a great time on your little holiday before college started. I love em mate - and I love you too!

Anyway - a million things to do and no time to do them!
so it's Ciao for now
jake x

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Hannah said...

Hells Bells! I've got vertigo just looking at him! Great page!
love han xxxx

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