Friday, August 01, 2008

One step behind....

Always one step behind... that's me.

I cannot keep up with my pics!

So, c'mon you ladies out there who are all up to date.....Please TELL me how you got there...

Yesterday I made a layout for Creative, using a pic from last years holiday... then today - a huge package arrived from Trueprint, full of photo's from this year! Help!!

Anyway - here it is... Fruit Fool:

...complete with a snazzy red doilly - last weeks special bargain from the car boot sale. If anyone fancies one of these (and they are gorgeous!) pop a comment below letting me know how to contact you and I'll stick one in the post - I have about 10 i'm willing to part with... alternatively, email me if you have my addy and let me know you want one.

later blogettes
jk x


Pam said...

wow jake-I love that red doily-I'd love one. I'll pm my addy on UKS ok? (I can see a use for xmas LOs with the doily.

Allison said...

Cute, bright and fun!

Lizzy said...

Love this LO!!! The papers are beautiful and the design is superb!!

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