Sunday, August 24, 2008

tomorrow's another day.

Tomorrows another day?

Tomorrows the day!!

The day the boy comes home.... lol.

How much can one set of parents miss their kid? Even when they know he's having a great time - even when he's only with family... even when it's only been a week.

God help us when he leaves home forever....

Erk sent me this pic from his phone today of the boy himself enjoying his last day in the sunshine by his sister's pool.

I would love to say... on his last holiday before he comes home to start his A level's, but I can't say that unfortunately... because... um....he flunked his exams. (We're not quite sure how... ) but it's now on to plan B, whatever that might be...

A couple of days ago I couldn't have even talked about this, never mind blogged about it... and I won't pretend I wasn't disappointed and frankly in shock. But there you go. Kids make mistakes, and as a parent you have to be there to help them pick up the pieces and move on.

The fact is, he blew his GCSE's - well, not all of them - he passed some; but he got disappointing marks in others. This shows he's not ready for A levels yet, though it's hardly the end of the world... No one died, nothing's happened that can't be dealt with and he only turned 16 a couple of weeks ago... . He wouldn't be the first kid to suffer a setback, and he won't be the last either. We'll get him back on track in the new academic year one way or another and if he gets there by the scenic route... well what the hell? Think anyone's gonna remember when he's forty that he fluffed stuff when he was fifteen? Think they'll care? Nah... me neither.

We still love him. Can't wait to give him a hug tomorrow. And we know he'll get there. It just might take a little longer than we thought.

I made him a welcome home card today - I'm really enjoying card making! I never thought I'd say that - and please don't all jump on me... but I used to think it was boriing and old fashioned and... fuddy duddy!!! OK OK - I said don't jump on me! Lol!

here it is. Very fiddly, but I love it :-)


Bekka said...

Fab card :-)

What a lucky boy - not just coz of the card!

I was young in the accademic year and took a very scenic route to the end of my degree - but I got there and learnt a lot along the way so I would not change it for anything. I certainly learnt about figuring out what to focus on and about persistance towards that goal.

Accademia is only one type of measure too - we are all good at different things and I am sure your son will find his passion, follow it and be fantastic!


Norma Kennedy said...

Awww what a Cutie and looks like his having a ton of Fun ! You know what I stunk at everything in school. I never had the desire because I felt I was such an under achiever allready as it was to everyone around me. Now as an adult I cant learn enough. If I had only had a fraction of the understanding from those around me that your showing him I might have gone furthur ! Hugs, Norma

Norma Kennedy said...
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KimmyS said...

That card is amazing Jakey.
Well, I would probably be the same if I was in your shoes, what with being disappointed that my child fluffed school but it is not the end of the world.
I think in our family everyone apart from my Dad fluffed it at the same age and we had to re-do our exams. And you know what - we all enjoyed it better second time around!

he's gonna do good!

rae said...

boring...old fashioned....fuddy duddy, huh?!? Just kidding :)
Glad that you feel differently about cardmaking now... and your cards are lookin' GOOD girl!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

Paula said...

One cool photo.
He is very much loved & that will do him the power of good when he gets home & starts again.
I can feel your excitment from here.
Fab card you've made, you're getting good at making them & I love your mojo layout.

Danielle said...

Cute card and cute boy! I can totally relate. My daughter hates school and although she's only 8, I was hoping it would get better, but so far nada. My husband says not to worry, her stubbornness and motivation will surely be an attribute to her when she gets older and she'll be fine!

Renee Lamb said...

What a cute boy you have and cute cute cute card!!! Sorry to hear about the frustrations with school...I have no advice but to say I was that kid once. but then I got it together and wound up passing High School with honors, so hopefully the same will happen for your son! hugs to you and enjoy having him back home :D

Julie O. said...

Your card is very sweet.

I'm so glad you posted about the 'Lemons' book. I wondered when someone would come out with a book like that! I sure need it! LOL

Thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

Ana Baird said...

Stunning Welcome card!

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