Friday, August 08, 2008

Pining much....?

Well, yes, and no.

Obviously, I pine to be with the family who live so far away. Yet I accept that if they lived round the corner, I'd probably not see them all the time... but that's the way it goes eh? You pine for what you don't have.

'course, if I'm honest, I don't just pine for them..... lol.

I'm sorry to say it - and they'll kill me for admitting it, but I pine for the place also, and the idea... you know...? And mee mee, and the lifestyle. I mean, anything's gotta be better than this, hasn't it?

Oh, and the weather!

Man, I pine for that weather!

But (to be totally honest here...) I don't want to live there and WORK.

Hell No. I only want to live there if I can lay on the beach all day, and eat at fancy places, have a pocket full of money and act spoilt. Otherwise I might as well be here... and deal with all that entails!

So, a layout which reminds me what I pine for.... and highlights what I miss.

Bloody hell... I miss it all.

jk x


Anonymous said...

Love the lo mary!! mıss you xxx

jakey said...

Oh Jazz!!!

You ws online out there and I missed you... gutted... how's it going? try and phone please.
xxxx see you on tuesday. love you... now i'm all wingey...

Paula Sealey said...

ROFL, know what you mean, the sunshine and beaches are only great if you can lounge around and enjoy them.

Fabulous layout, love the zingy colours and the great photo!

stef said...

thanks for visiting my blog !! your's is full of colors !! Like it !! I'll come later !! (sorry for my english !!)

Scrapdolly said...

Fab page - as ever - and I totally understand your pining

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