Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mojoholder # 76

Another one for mojoholder:

Love this mad bad baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Jen Jen.. doing what she does best... making everyone around her giggle.... daft baby!


Sandie said...

I just love that photo!! She is such a cutie. Love the crown on her head too xx

hayley said...

ha ha how you know it me..... yes missing them loads cant believe still another week ok stayed here last night and tonight she loves it xx

Teena said...

Thanks for your nice comment!
Love your stuff! I will go through everything now! :-)

suebaru said...

Just gorgeous ,I need to wear shades it's so bright!

Lizzy said...

Such a cutie the bright colors and te different textures here, awesome LO!!

Pearl said...

what an adorable pic ! wonderful colorful creations you have too Jakey ! awesome stuff !

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