Thursday, July 31, 2008

birthdays, birdies, bargains and babies...

Vin's birthday was great. He's a proper family kid and was happy to spend his day here with us, though he's off to a gig this weekend, and a sleepover at his mate's with the gang later. Jazz and Erks flew in late Sunday, and Monday we all went shopping and lunching after Vin had opened all his pressies. Fortunately, the main gift - a docking station for his ipod - was not broken, though I was sweating it as the stupid delivery man had thrown it over our back gate, which is more than 6ft tall!! I'd phoned them up and blown them up about it, but thankfully the packaging must have protected it... but I mean, honest to God... how bloody stupid can one man be...?

I have neighbours - did he not think to ask one of those to take it in instead??? GAH!

So, Monday night we had the Brown's round and the little Brownies too, and some friends and their kids, making quite a herd, and Carlo had the brainwave of getting a bouncy castle to keep them entertained, and it was just so fab to see them all playing and having a great time outside. We don't get enough nice days in the Summer anymore do we? Anyway, the castle is a keeper, so fingers crossed it'll get some more use before it goes away for the winter.

But of course... as the evening wore one...and the drink flowed...the big boys couldn't help themselves...

We had a great night. Only family stuff, but it's what we do. We party... and erm... we're quite good at it :-)

Visiting Asda for supplies for the party, we spotted a fantastic bargain at the front of the store... A 4 piece wooden 'conversation set', which comprised 2 chairs, a bench and a coffee table, that almost exactly matches the garden furniture we already have. The price displayed on a big red card was £20 - reduced from £90. BARGAIN! and as we were entertaining I thought why not? I have to admit, it did seem too good to be true, so I carted the box over to customer services, showed the lady the ticket and asked her to check the price for me.. . and yep, £20 she said, adding that she'd be getting one herself later! We went through the checkout no probs, got it home... and found it was just one chair! I was pretty annoyed, as I couldn't really afford it, and only bought it as it was SUCH a bargain, you know? Anyway, then we spotted a notice saying 'part of a set - NOT to be sold individually.....' So i'm back on the phone complaining... after all, I had checked the price with customer services... and the man on the checkout had not questioned it either.... and BINGO! The manager of the Home and Leisure dept agreed they were wrong and gave me the rest buckshee!! Yay! So we got the whole set for £20.... Bargain indeed!

Talking of the garden, I made a cute little altered wooden birdhouse/feeder yesterday for It's A Creative World, and photographed it hanging in my apple tree. It was incredibly quick and easy to do, and as I only used scraps, and the house itself only cost £1.00 at Poundland, cheap too.

The only piece of bad news I have today is that baby Jenna hurt her foot, and now has a cast on her little leg, which will probably put a dampener on their holiday in Northern Cyprus. No swimming pool, no paddling and no sea for the baby... poor little mite :-( I haven't seen any pics yet, but they'll be here for a few days before they fly home to lanza, so I'll probably see it then, though the doctor said it may be able to come off before they leave to return to the UK. I thought it might have slowed her down being injured, but Jazz reports she's still on the go... she just drags it along behind her now.... Awww... Bless.

more later
jk x


HAYLEY said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha i nearley weed myself at the last bouncy castle pic so funnnnyyyyy i presume that is erkin and vin??? bloody idiot they are lucky they didnt get cast's on there leggy's!!!! lol

Leigh Gareth said...

This is so pretty! I'd like to make one for my Mum, was it very hard to do? Did you follow a pattern?


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