Sunday, August 03, 2008

wrap and roll

I gave another one away... when will I learn?
Yesterday I gave my chicken caesar roll to Vin. Coz he was hungry... oh, like I wasn't?

How he got round me I'll never know because I still haven't got over the fact that I left the Boots healthy eating chicken caesar wrap - the one I bought especially for my journey to Spain a few weeks ago - in the fridge, and I was forced to give Donna permission by text to eat it for her lunch.

Food like that is not for kids. It's for Mum's - only Mum's never get to eat it... not round here they don't anyway... and this is not how it's supposed to be.

Next one I buy, I'm eating it...... IN THE SHOP!!!!!!

Thanks to Em, my talented friend and teamie, for awarding me this today :-)

I will have to do a bit of blog hopping and decide who's getting it to next... all seven of them lol

Thanks Ems!!

And a layout to share. I just love this photo - such concentration on Rubes face!! Lol!
(You might need to click to get a better look at his face?)

Anyway - that's it from me... Carl's lonely and bored so i'm off downstairs to hang out with him....which roughly translated means....... cook him some dinner!

enjoy the rest of the weekend!
til later
jk x


Em said...

Now that layout is just AWESOME!!I mean, those colours, the scrolls...well everything. And the photo is gorgeous.
You totally deserve that award!

Debbi T said...

What a beautiful page!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had fun looking at yours.

Maria said...

Loving that page it just jumps off the page at you. Love the way you use such bright colours.

I feel your pain on missing out on the special food treats.

Happy Monday xxx

Ooh, it was my leg not my bottie that got stung ..... Hee hee!!!

suebaru said...

Love that layout, it looks full of sunshine!

Dri Santos said...

thanks for visit to my blog.
His work is beautiful


feli said...

great layout! it may look simple but i love the composition of the page.. :)

hayley said...

ha ha there is no such thing as mum food you should know that mary you have 4 kids anyhow when is it my turn and do i get to see the menu first????? lol xx

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