Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daring cardmakers - my first challenge!

I've finally done it... I've finally made a card for daring cardmakers

It might not seem very daring to you, but to me it's a big deal. I've never been a cardmaker. Never really yearned to be one... but lately I've been thinking about trying it out more and more... Plus I'm really determined to start using some of this stash up. I have so many scraps etc, and i'm starting to think it's obscenely wasteful... sooooo..... I thought I'd make a start and join a challenge. I know I have a lot to learn.

Todays lesson learnt was, if you want to do faux stitching on elements, do it before you pop the thing with foam pads. Really - make sure you do that. Trying to do a straight line on it once it's stuck up on those things is nigh on impossible... it was for me anyway. More lessons to follow no doubt;-)

You had to make a 'jacket/wrap of some kind.. and I chose vellum (Yikes! I told you I was using up stuff!), and punched the stars out to match the theme. It's ok, I'm learning and I don't hate it :-)


Benga said...

fab card jakey! I also use scraps for my cards, i think that makes it more challenging *LOL*

Sue said...

Looks good..I have a drawer FULL of vellum..I was an addict at one point..hope it makes a comeback.

Angela said...

That card looks great, not too great at card making myself, usually get the kids to do them!

Maria said...

Vellum .... Wow, you are determined to use up your stash. Another one with a stack of it here and feeling the urge to make cards now.

Love the card and have started to have a go. Will have to investigate the daring cardmaker blog.

I feel your pain on the tax man. It really bugs me that you have to go and collect your parcel and pay RM for the privilege.

Have a fab weekend xxx

Angela said...

That is a great card. Way to use up the stash too.

Kathy said...

great card Jakey - forget that "I'm not a cardmaker" stuff, you can't get away with a poor excuse like that!

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