Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh what a night....!

Actually...what a weekend.....!

We have had the greatest time! Never stopped smilin all the way home, never stopped singing silly songs from the show yet :-) Carlo forgot to put any Four Seasons stuff on the MP3 before we went so we couldn't play it at our lil after show party back in room 651, but it went on the minute we got home, and we've tortured Vin with it ever since ;-)

The show was totally amazing. In the words of my sister...Brilliant brilliant brilliant... !!

I can't tell you how much we loved it :-) Carl said it's the best show he's ever seen.... 'course, the kids reckon he always says that... but really, it was so good, it just might have been. I had no idea the boys from new jersey had such backgrounds! No wonder Steven Spielberg's bought the rights to film it when the show leaves the stage. It's an incredible story. Grab tickets if you get the chance is my advice. You won't regret it.

But the show was just the icing on the cake, we had a whale of a time anyway. Naturally, there were problems on the tubes with London deciding to shut down half the lines for maintenance on the very weekend we book to visit, so we had a few hairy moments getting around - eventually arriving at Leicester Square on the #38 bus if you don't mind! (which in itself was hilarious, esp the return journey... ;-) roflol. )

But we managed to find everything we wanted to, and our visits to the Churchill thing and the operating rooms at St Thomas' were FAB!

Here we are in a few silly snaps while we were there...

I imagine the table of hats and uniforms were there for kids really... but what the hell... couldn't let an opportunity for a giggle like that get past us, could we?

Carl's 'officer' face...
Obviously, I'd just be one of the lads...

Or maybe not!
In the navy!

This is in the herb garret now, right in the roof of St Thomas' church. You had to climb up there up a tiny spiral staircase - 32 steps, but it went higher, tho not for us, and cling onto a rope to sort of pull you up coz it was very very steep. I was sitting with me bin's on reading all the info on the place, and Carl was trying to show me what he'd look like if we didn't have a break and grab some lunch shortly...

"Er... not anytime soon, matey!!"

It was gorgeous up there tho... all these lovely smells from all the herbs and spices, and there were big jugs and bowls and urns full of stuff, and signs saying "PLEASE TOUCH" so you could just plunge in and bring handfulls up to smell and feel... brilliant if you are a tactile person like me.

There were also loads of cabinets full of surgical instruments... Carl was especially horrified by all the obstetric tools and was cringeing at my descriptions of what they were used for...particularly the decap hooks, which i've never actually seen before but learned about in modules on the history of childbirth and stuff years ago at Uni.

Carlo's actually in the operating theatre here... I took the pic from the spectator gallery, where other surgeons would sit, along with medical students, apprentices, dressers and invited visitors Charming eh?
And then it was time to get prepared for our evening on the town, and we started early... as you do!

Basic provisions kit:
A bottle of bubbly, some fairtrade fudge brownies, and a loaded MP3 with speakers. What more do you need? :-)
It had been quite a hectic day, but after a quick scrub up and a livener, we were raring to go again...
And here's the concierge waving us off.... lol. Lovely place and lovely people. :-)

I took some snaps around the building to remember it coz it was quite swanky after all. Beautiful chandeliers and decor, and a nice feel. We had a lovely ceasar salad with chicken for our dinner in the Club bar, and a couple more drinks... ;-) and it was really cosy and nice. I'd like to stay there again sometime. Well, you never know!

Little snippet: Apparently, it was the first hotel in London to have an electric lift! well, not a lot of people know that.... lol.

And my mojo layout from last friday!

Erk teasing Jazz and Filiz with food at the poolside in Turkey a couple of years ago! Just couldn't resist the title ;-) lol


Anonymous said...

ooooh get you missus! Very posh, what?


Anonymous said...

Fab photos sweetie xx

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