Saturday, March 08, 2008

getting things done

Phew....after weeks of talking about clearing the greenhouse, we've finally done it today.

It's a rickety old thing nowadays, and there are a few gaps in the panes where the floor's subsided and the glass has slipped, but basically it can still do it's job, so we've decided that this year we'll get it back in use. There was a time I lived out there - and as I don't spend nearly as much time scrapping as I used to when I was up to my neck in commitments and stuff, I'm really looking forward to getting green fingered again and pottering around with the plants :-)

It was in a mess tho! But it's much better now and I've found some packets of seeds which haven't been ruined or eaten, and Lemon's promised me some lettuce, tomato, carrot and celery which I can grow in pots so i'm quite excited to get going :-)

We had a great laugh out there tidying up too... Carl said he had no idea I had such a thing for watering cans....

just how many of these things does one not very serious gardener need for heaven's sake??? Er.... Not this many, probably! :-)

And these lil babies are popping up all over the garden now ... I couldn't resist a few snaps of them, they're so petite and gorgeous.

Vin's also getting things done, and has finally had his hair cut! I think it looks miles better, and he loves it too, so he's glad he didn't chicken out at the last minute ;-) He's also been offered an interview at the school we want for his A levels, so presumably his references were fine. He's a great kid and all his teachers love him, so I didn't really imagine they'd be anything but good, but the thing is they want him to stay on there... He needs to change schools tho, as they can't offer him the A level subjects he wants. Ah well, fingers crossed everything goes ok, and he gets the grades to get in.

My mojoholder layout from last night :

This week we scraplifted Ali Edwards, and she gave us a gorgeous layout to use - I'm sure i'll use the layout/ Sandie's sketch for inspiration again as it's very versatile, and a good chance to use smaller supporting pics - something I don't really do enough of.


Caz said...

Hey Jakey!! I need to email you but can't find an email address anywhere :)

Can you email me at and i'll reply!

Thanks chick.

Glitter Chatter said...

hi hun!
just stopping by to check out ur blog :)
ur a much better blogger than me lmao i'm a bit of a lazy blogger hehe
spk to u later
Lucy x

lemon said...

so...i guess that means you dont want a new watering can for your birthday?

MsGrace said...

I am wanting to spend more time gardening myself. This has inspired me a bit. Spring finally seems to be coming here to NJ so we will see.


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