Friday, February 29, 2008

Big girls don't cry....

Not this one anyway... the big girl's getting smaller... :-D

I lost another couple of pounds this week, meaning i've lost one pound short of a stone now. Not bad in 6 weeks eh?

Tomorrow morning bright and early we are off to London to see the brand new show Jersey Boys - at the Prince Edward theatre; and staying at the Grosvenor overnight. Really looking forward to a weekend away and hope to take in some museums while we're there, like Winston Churchill's War in London, and St Thomas' Old Operating Theatre and herb garret. This was a women's hospital, bricked up and discovered many many years later... just as it was left. Fantastic!

click on 'music' on the widget and select tracks from the juke box to listen to what we'll be bopping in our seats to on Saturday night!

Right, must dash now - got to get some shoes with heels as my trousers are too long and I don't want to be tripping up from anything other than Champagne... ;-)

Have a fab weekend bloggers!
Will return with piccies of the weekend later!
jk xx


suebaru said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Hope you've had a fab weeksnd away too :)

~Charl~ said...

The show looks great Jakey, I watched the video and music lol! Very clever advertising aye?


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