Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday 24th

Blimey, Easter Monday already... don't time fly?

Our Easter's here's been lovely, and I've enjoyed the holiday so much I don't want it to end. It's not that we've done anything special, just a bit of family time, a few jobs and some relaxing, but it's really been nice. I think we needed the break.

Oooh.. excitement! Yesterday, we went and collected two old Butler's sinks which I was offered on Freecycle!
The lil one here is approx 12 x 18 "

And this bad boy's 18 x 24", so definitely more hefty!

As soon as the weather picks up, I'm so onto these, I just can't wait to get them planted. First thing I'll do is paint the sides and rims with natural yogourt to encourage moss to grow over them, then they'll look great all year round. I have another one too that I picked up last year - probably the size is somewhere in the middle of these two - so I'll have to make a decision about where I want them and what I'm going to plant, because once they're filled with soil, plants and rocks they'll be near on impossible to move.

Later today we're off to collect a large tumbling composter, which'll be brilliant as we have two hulking great leafy trees of our own, plus the overhang from our neighbours yards as well. I gather these composters can turn all your garden and kitchen waste into super compost in a matter of weeks, and as we have terrible chalky soil here it'll be fantastic for digging in - or even just as a mulch.

Might watch a film later and chill on our last day as the weathers a bit grim again. Oh, talking of films...Anyone seen Bee movie? Brilliant one liners - a fab film for kids and grown ups alike. We also saw Enchanted - which Vinnie hated!! Lol!

His words were ... " Well, that's 132 minutes of my life i'll never get back again...."

Tbh, the film is pure Isabelle... It might have been written for her! A definite must for all the lil disney princesses out there... :-)

On It's a Creative World I have a project today, making a jewelery holder out of a junk find. Here's a piccy of the finished product and simple step by steps can be found on the blog if you fancy having a go. Dead easy and cost next to nothing :-) I like that!

So, i'll leave my post here for now coz I got some things I want to get on with.

Hope you all have a lovely day

jk x


Scrapdragons said...

love the jewelry holder...what a cool idea.


Carrie said...

Love the jewelry holder!! Fab! And congrats again on the new position!

Diana said...

LOL Jakey - I always wanted a kitchen with butler's sinks!!! I never thought of putting them in the garden yet I have lots of strange things in my garden. Looking forward to seeing them planted up!
Love Di

Paula Sealey said...

I love the look of butlers sinks in the garden, lucky you finding two! My friend has one filled with alpines and it looks great!

Love your project on CW, off to the blog in a minute for a noseyxx

Maria said...

Love butlers sinks in the kitchen or the garden.

I love Freecycle.

Happy Thursday xxx

Kelly said...

cant wait to see your sinks all done up hunny xxx

Cath said...

Oh wow with the sinks! My Dad has one in his garden :)
Loved your jewellery stand, very chic!

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