Friday, March 14, 2008

As one door closes...

So another one open's...

Isn’t it funny how things work out? My Mum always soothed my worries when I was young and concerned about missed opportunities by saying “If it’s right for you, it won’t pass you by...” And you know what? She was usually right. Another of her pearls of wisdom was “As one door closes, so another one opens...” And that has certainly been the case for me. I’ve lost count of the phone calls, letters and emails I’ve received offering me something - just as something else in my life has come to a close… it’s uncanny, but true. There always seems to be something waiting in the wings for me…

But just for me? Almost certainly not. Maybe for you too… You simply have to be ready for it when it comes... make sure you’re always receptive to new ideas and chance opportunities. Never say never. And if someone offers you something, and you think it’s for you – smile your biggest smile and say “thank you very much - I think I will!”

With that thought in mind, I am ready to share some news with you today. I have been invited to join a group of amazingly talented ladies, and while I’m still pinching myself (…are they sure they want me?? ) and also cacking my pants about not being up to the job… I’ve accepted their offer – so I guess that makes me the newest ‘Creative Girl’

Yep - the eagle eyed among you may have spotted that my name is now among the DT of the daily inspiration blog ‘It’s a Creative World’ and I'm thrilled to be there too!

So, I just wanna say a huge thank you to the girlies on the team for having confidence in me, and to tell everyone else I’m really looking forward to getting Creative with you all very very soon!

I also recently joined a team on UKS, and decided to have a go at this weeks challenge to up my points a bit.

It's Carlo and me in London the other week. The challenge called for a LO about friendship, and this is my take. Carlos Fandango - my best friend in all the world.


Sarah Youde said...

I went onto the blog today and noticed your name there!! Well done Jakey, I am certain they really want you, why wouldn't they. Also, I am sooooo with you on the as one thing finishes scenario :)

jakey said...

hey Sarah, it's just so true.

Having been part of so many really wonderful scrappy things over the years, I know I'm qualified to say so. Some peeps say to me that they daren't let go, in case it never comes their way again... it will. It always does.

So happy for you and all your new developments too.

hugs hon
jk x

suebaru said...

Congrats on becoming a Creative Girl Jakey,can't think of anyone better !

Anonymous said...

woohoo! good for you darlin!

Nat xx

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