Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yay... made it!

Well, I'm here, and tbh, I didn't expect to be.

Today we fitted the new BT home hub, and being total twits at technology, I expected trouble. However, it was a breeze. Carl's now setting up the vision box, and I'm keeping out of it. One lot of stress a day is enough for me.

I did fail miserably at setting's Vin's wireless connection up, but I'm going to call my mate who may be able to help. He can always get on here for a couple of days til the PC whizz can fit us it.

Edited to say that I called the help line and Vin's up and running too... yay! I'm not as thick as I thought lol :-D

Here's an Easter personality quiz for ya.

What Your Easter Egg Says About You

You are whimsical, spontaneous, and fun loving.

You connect well with people, but nature is your true love.

Changing locations and scenery is important to your creativity.

You are inspired by the surroundings around you

Take the test.... I thought mine was quite apt.

Hope you all enjoy this Easter Saturday, we're off to DD1's later for a meal and games night!

jk xx

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