Saturday, March 29, 2008

saturday post

Funny old week for weather eh? One minute I'm driving home with the windows down - the next is flippin Antarctica again.


Can't wait for summer....

Ok, here's my LO for last night's mojoholder. We scraplifted a lovely page by Kelly McCaleb, and there are some yummy lifts on the blog from the rest of the team, if you wanna check those out too.

Also live today on the IACW blog, are the G pages in our A-Z art journal. This week we are joined by my nutty mate Lemon who has agreed to place on the DT! And very nice it is to have her with us too :-)

Here's my 6" x 6" G page

and there are some gorgeous examples from the team and all our fab readers in the DT gallery and readers gallery here and here

On the home front, I've got visitors for brunch tomorrow when my sis and her partner pop in before driving home to Cornwall, and in less than 2 weeks Jazz and Hayley will fly in with Ruben and Jenna Leigh for a few days - Wow! So excited bout dat jazzabelle... lol !

I bought loads of baby plants in Netto's last week - just £1.99 a box! So now have the massive job ahead of me trying to pot them all on... at the moment they are on windowsills because it's too cold to put them in the greenhouse but hopefully it'll start to pick up soon - before they get too big for the house!

have a fab day everyone!

jk x


Laura S. said...

cool stuff!! So glad to see you entered for the scrapdragon rock!

suebaru said...

Absolutely LOVE your Mojo layout,love the mix of the papers!

Anonymous said...

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