Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Goodness!

I've been well busy... and my poor little bloggie has suffered consequently.

No posts for days, but that's because I've been frantically trying to catch up on so many other things - like my A-Z Art Journal for It's a Creative World. Of course I always meant to do this but as usual I got behind, and got no further than finding a mini album to use, and jotting a few ideas on paper. THEN...... I got invited to join the IACW team right out of the blue.... and suddenly realised I'd need to get my butt into gear... pdq! lol!

So I've been having a bit of fun with this. I decided to go for a 6x6 mini album with pp's so I could do my pages out of sequence as the mood took me or when I found/printed photo's off.

I'm all caught up now, and everything's been added to IACW blog, and i'll post them on here bit by bit as well.

This is a tiny format for me, and my first proper album in this size - but I tell you what - it won't be my last. It's so quick and easy, and I just love doing these simple grungy pages with nothing by the way of embellies really... it's all just stamps, doodling, and punchies. Makes a nice change.

I must share something else with you now - I've found a new shopI LOVE! It's called ScrapRevolution and Lorraine is a sponsor on UKS. For one thing it's fairly local to me, though I haven't visited yet... but what I love is the incredibly SPEEDY service! I also love the prices ;-), and the range. It's my new fave place for shopping - both orders I placed were here the next day. I was really impressed with that, and Lorraine seems lovely so pop in and have a gander. Well worth a visit I promise :-).

At work we've had a lovely easter week. On Monday we had a palm service and this is our Easter garden...

It's made in one of those big garden saucer thingies you stand pots on and is a bit bigger that a giant Pizza lol! It has the cave where Jesus was placed, and here you can see the it after the resurrection - the little tiny robes and crown of thorns left behind... The Resi's were enchanted, Bless em.

And then on Tuesday, we had year 4 of the nearby Primary school in to sing their Easter songs for us and meet the Residents. At first they were shy of the old folks, but soon got chatting and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They didn't want to leave - and of course, my people loved it. It's just so nice for them to have kids around the place :-)

Anyhoo - must dash now! I've got to get my MOJO layout done for tomorrow night and a couple of other bits finished off as well.

Plus I want to get ahead... cos my family's coming to visit and I want all my time with them to be freetime.... Now let me see...when will that be Jazz... Oh yeah! 3 weeks today!! YAY!!!

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