Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cheepy chicks and egg basket:

A fun way of using up scraps and brightening the breakfast table! This lil project will cost next to nothing as everything used is likely to be something you have to hand. You wouldn't even need styrofoam eggs. Crumpled foil shaped like an egg and gesso'd would be as good. Get the kids involved - nothing like getting messy to make them smile :-) Posted this on Its A Creative World today - simple instructions on the blog... There's yummy Easter biscuits, and cards and bags by Caz too!

Unadorned Eggs
Decorated can

Finished project!

Right - I'm off now to build an ARK......!!!!!!

1 comment:

lyzzydee said...

Love your eggs!! I hope we don't end up with baby squawkers!! The birdies are good fun at the moment, We are enjoying them!!

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