Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Happy Easter everyone!

I've just been over to IACW to download a gorgeous freebie Kate Hadfield gifted today for our post on the blog. Can't wait to print it off and cut it out, because I love doing hybrid and Kate's stuff is always adorable and very easy to make use of!

I'm also going to go back into the folders and folders of stuff I've collected over the years from PCCrafter, because there's some scrummy stuff in there - bought and paid for years ago most of it - which I ought to be using more of. In the past I never thought of it as hybrid scrapping...well, I don't think any of us even knew the term then, not in connection with scrapping anyway. As far as I was concerned hybrid was a sorta mix and match Rose or something in the garden! :-D Lol! But I've always printed things off and cut them out to use on paper LO's so there you have it I guess... a hybrid pioneer... and I never even knew it! Lol!

Here's pages C, D, E & F of my Art Journal

We're supposed to be setting up our new home hub and vision box today, but Vin asked if we could hold off until tomorrow as he imagines for some reason that tempers may become frayed and angry faces might ruin the day today.... where does he get these ideas... ;-) lol!

We'll be doing it tomorrow then...

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