Saturday, February 02, 2008

bit's n bobs

So, my new banner is finally in place. I thought I was so clever actually managing to make one - and all by myself too! But hen I found it was the wrong size and shape! Doh!!! Anyway, dear Lemon helped me with understanding the layers part a bit, and so i did it again, properly this time.

Still prefer the first one below, but it donesn't fit, so it's no good. Bum!

Anyway, I think I could have a go at digi scrapping if i felt like it now, so maybe I will, but I'm still a real novice. I'd need to do some tutorial reading before I made anything remotely real looking I think.

Then I got in trouble with it again... couldn't get it to work as it kept coming up as several tiny versions instead of one big banner... Sarah helped me here, so thanks hon for that. I'd really like to change the colour of my blog too, to match it a bit better, but as i'm still on old blogger style it's not quite as easy as with layout. Ah well, at least it's up there.

Got the old banger back this morning, with a new clutch, slave cylinder and modified pipe. Cost an arm and a leg.... and the clutch is SO light it's terrifying, but I'll get used to it. I hope! Also, now it needs new tyres.. bloody nightmare, but Carlo's come to my rescue again, so will get them next week, as soon as I can be fitted in.

Really peeved about the £400 odd quid it's cost tho, as I can think of a lot better things I'd like us to have spent that on, but there you go. Necessity and all that.

Here's my mojo layout from last night.

Loved all the girls work this week and wanna say big congrats to my lovely teamies Carrie Harville and Sandie Vincent, who both appear on February Page Maps this month! Also to Em and Angie for their recent good news - and say what a team! Really proud of them all and love being part of mojo with them.

Also wanna share a couple of pics of my lil birdie Carl bought me in Amsterdam recently. She now sits on my daylight lamp above my desk... aint she purdy?? :-)

Oh! Have you seen the Golden Compass? WOW! I just Loved it! I now want a demon, but would probably spend my life worrying in case it got hurt like Pan did.... Soft in the head, I know.

It's a film. Fiction. Get real. Lol!


Carrie said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!! I love the birdy! I'll have to take a pic of the "bug" my dd made me for mine!
Oh, and thanks for the kick in the bottom on my blog!! LOL!! I updated today and am going to a slideshow too!

Anonymous said...

Great work, lol!

Marie said...

Pretty bird Jakey, will there be a layout of her?

Marie x x

Paula said...

Great new banner. I too made one that wouldn't fit so I stick with the one Scrapdolly made me. I jsut don't get the digi thing really must spend time & do it!!
Cool page.

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