Saturday, February 23, 2008

Roll on summer....

Jeez, i'm totally fed up of grey skies. Another grey miserable saturday here.

Just watched the sixth sense again as Vin's covering it in his GCSE coursework, and I want to be able to help him with that so it was a necessity really. Great film tho. Even more fantastic when you study it and realise how cleverly it was all put together. M Night Shamalam is a genius of direction, and actually from his interviews seems a thoroughly nice guy.

This is just one piece of work Vin needs to do, and there seems so much....I just hope he can get good grades because we have to try and get him into another school as his won't be offering the A levels he wants.

TBH, in many ways I won't be sorry to see him leave his present school. It was not our 1st choice, and after the upper school of the nearest town to us closed, this school took the bulk of students from there. Between that and other problems the school ended up on special measures and though the new head tries there are still many many problems with staffing, discipline and reputation.

It's hard for a kid who wants to do well to thrive in a place where so much is wrong. Vin's had no continuity at all. Half the time he doesn't have a teacher for half his subjects... and if he does, they are not British so there are often problems with language and communication. Mostly they are teachers from all over the world - most just out of college, and some barely speak English. How can they teach our kids with so little experience or support? I'm not being racist here - just honest.

The other problem is money - the school is in financial straits. This week, they had to send home all the year 9 and 10 students as the boiler was broken. The year 11's stayed in school as GCSE's are so close. They were allowed a mufti day on Friday. Not for charity though... their £1's went towards helping pay for the heating to be fixed!

Only in England eh.... you couldn't make it up could you?


Last night's mojo was a fun one for me. We scraplifted Hebe and the original is on site, along with a great sketch from Sandie. My LO features Isabella riding on a donkey on an Irish beach. All the kids in my family have always been animal mad... including me when I was little. Pet's we've had include:

A donkey! - naughty!
A goat - naughtier
Chickens - roamed in and out, and loved to be petted. Most often seen carried about under a little girl's arm....
Guinea pigs
woolly mice
a mynah bird - noisy and rude!
budgies - shocking mess makers!
and probably more... the trouble is, whatever creature one of the kids comes into contact with - they always want to take it home!

Have a great day!
jk xx


suebaru said...

Love that layout Jakey, those colours are gorgeous!

Sarah Youde said...

Gorgeous layout Jakey - I love it.

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