Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Watched the footie last night - bloody hell, did Liverpool string it out or what? Got the result in the end tho, so at least we're still in that, if nothing else ;-) The FA cup won't be the same for us without them, and with England out of everything too... it's gonna be a long time with not much to cheer for.

This is another layout I made for ScrappingGoodies. See below. This is one I'm quite proud of as I finally conquered a technique i've wanted to try for literally years.... :-) Ok, I know to most people manipulating spot colour on a photo is no big thing... but to a technically challenged plonker like me it's a huge accomplishment. Especially as I worked it out for myself... all by myself! yay!!!

Look out you digi stars out there... ha ha!

No seriously, I'm dead chuffed that I've finally done it, and actually remember how to do it again. I can see lots of otherwise unusable photo's getting the treatment now - and it wasn't even hard. Why didn't I do this before? :-)

In the piccy Jenna had on a pink and white stripey top, with a dark denim dress. Sev's top clashed and the dummy was a different shade of pink. Printed out, it was a bit chaotic, so I tried it in B+W.... but the ring didn't show up too well then - and the ring was what I wanted emphasised... So there was only one way to do that, and I went for it. Even added a little flash to the bling.... blimey - I was giddy with excitement when it worked lol!

So - here in all it's glory (actually, the scan has spoilt it, but you know about scans...) is Jenna wearing Aunties Sev's ring. Sev is tiny - really really petite, and takes a teeny size ring... so it's really cute how it looks so massive on the baby's weeny lil finger!

The layout aptly titled: ROCK your baby!

All i've got to do now is work out how to scan a layout without altering the colours beyond all recognition!

have a great day bloggers!
jk x

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