Saturday, February 09, 2008

What am I like?

Well, what am I like...??

I was so determined to try and keep up with my blog this year... but again I've let a whole week go by and not updated. TBH, I've been flat out at work again, and with all the car and bank troubles I've just not been in the frame of mind to bother. Plus, my sub copy of BHG scrap magazine arrived this week (totally fab), and also CK's Creativity Tips for Scrapbookers came {which was only bought to make up an order and get free postage on you do, y'know ;-)} So i've had plenty of reading material to keep me occupied.

Actually the CK book's quite good, tho I never buy their mag anymore :-). Usually, scrapping books disappoint me too these days, but this one's ok, and at only nine quid it was quite cheap, so if you fancy a little treat, give it a go. I've enjoyed dipping into it anyway.

Also, I got this from my dad:

I suppose everyone knows Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture this year, well, this book tells the tale of the 'Pool's amazing 800 years from being a muddy pond by the Mersey, to the cosmopolitan city it is today. Fascinating stuff. I could listen all day when my dad starts telling me about old Liverpool and what it was like when he was a lad... Oh for a time machine, eh? One of my real regrets is that I never wrote down all the stuff my Mum and her sister's used to talk about when they got together... they had some incredible tales, and though us kids loved to listen, none of us ever thought to jot it all down. Wish I had the chance now, but it's too late, they've all gone, and my opportunity to record it gone with them...

Not been very industrious on the scrapping front either of late... Only managed my MOJO layout this week, and the same LO that's been on the desk for days, is still there half done. I need a good kick up the bum... anyone fancy administering it? :-D


Today we should be at the Carnival in Lanza... we always go and i'm gutted that we can't make it this year. Me and Jazz were both so sad on Thursday, when we should have been flying, but there you go. There's no money in the pot so bad luck for us. Would have loved to see the kids though, and join in all the fun. When I told Rubes on the phone yesterday that nannie couldn't come, he said:

"yes, her can come... my daddy will send the plane, and you can stay at MY house..."

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in Rubie's world?

This is him at his School's Carnival last week.

My girls said it was wonderful - all the kiddies, all the teachers dressed up, and the local shops and business all make something of it, and they parade in the street near the tooting and everyone smiling and waving. Imagine that here... never happen would it?

Anyway, off to scrap now, so have a good weekend everyone - I hope to be back bloggin before next saturday... but don't go holding your breath....!
jk xx


Kelly said...

how cute does he look aghhhhh xxx

{monica} said...

LOVE those little cute are they?!

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