Saturday, February 16, 2008

a long awaited event...

... is taking place tonight!

Yeah, we're finally off to see Ricky Tomlinson in his touring laughter show, and we can't wait! Vin's long been a huge fan of Ricky - or his alter ego Jim Royale at any rate. He has all the Royale family videos, and knows them word for word. He can recite Mary next door's phone number at the drop of a hat and does a fair impression of old My Arse himself, when pushed. So I couldn't let tickets for the show in our own town pass us by, now could I?

I'll let you know how we get on. I think it'll be fab. We're starting off in the Gay Cooper next door for drinks and a bite to eat.... I think it's supposed to be the Gary Cooper, but the R's fell off... can't help but wonder what Jim'll make of that...! Lol!

Last night's mojoholder layout was a bit rushed. It was a lovely sketch by Becky Fleck, but I somehow couldn't get my own LO to gel in the way I wanted it to... Anyway, it turned out ok, but I'm not all that happy with it, though i'm glad it's made, ifkwim?

Here it is:

I'm taking part in a 10 a month crafty things challenge over on the Craft Diner forum. Just as well I am as it's keeping my nose to the grindstone. Just lately I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for scrapping as I used to... really not certain why but suspect it's a combination of a few things. Oh well, no doubt the old mojo will come bouncing back when I least expect it - until then, challenges like this one help me stay focussed. Everyone's welcome to join in, so if your mojo's gone walkabout and like me, you need a lil push, pop in and sign yourself onto the thread - it's a nice friendly place to chat too :-)

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em said...

I hope you have a fab time tonight Jakey.

Oh, and you have been tagged (again). Sorry xx

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