Sunday, February 17, 2008

God, it does you good to laugh, don't it? We never stopped laughing from the minute we got to the theatre til the last knockings when Vin got in the queue to get his new book we bought him signed by the man himself.

Ricky was great - came out in his ripped, stained vest, turned up jeans and grey slippers... well, what would you expect? But it was the guests that made the show. Duncan Norville was a scream (I don't remember him being funny in the 80's, but he was hysterical last night), and Pauline Daniels was brilliant :-) She was so scouse it just made me laugh. It was like listening to my Mum and aunties back in the old days.... go way!!

Check out Vin's new look - just LOVE the hat! Very Synyster Gates apparently

I've been tagged by Em - Yeah again! But this one's different so I'll have a go.

what makes you blog? Dunno really, partly so my far flung family can pop in and see what we're up to, and also as a place to put my scrappy stuff, because I don't upload to online galleries much anymore. And partly just as a sorta diary I guess. I've always kept diaries of some sort or another.

do you search other friends blogs or those of the same interest? Yeah, I do like to browse round a few friends blogs, but i'm no blog hopper like some people are. I don't do the scrappin celebs for example though I might look if a mate pointed something out to me. I also loathe the bloggers who are so desperate to get you on there that they'd stop at nothing to get a hit. Such neediness bores me to death.

what draws you to someone elses blog a 2/3/4th time? Maybe they have a scrapping style I like, or i'm involved with them in some way, like their my buddy or something. I did get drawn into one girls blog who was going through a terrible time as her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was so brave and honest I felt I had to keep going back to let her know people were with her if that makes sense. I still pop in now and again to check on her and sometimes drop a comment and send a bit of love.

if you could waste 8 hours in a day doing anything on the computer, what would you do? Definitely get to grips with PSE and digi scrapping in general. I've had various versions of Elements for years and i'm still pathetically useless!

do you have more than 5 blogs bookmarked? Only dt teamies and stuff... some shops for ease of use.

is your blog a diary, a hobby or just a place to babble? Probably more for babbling than anything :-) but yeah a diary, and a pastime too.

do you find yourself thinking of things to blog about when you're nowhere near the computer? Er no..... lol!

what online addiction do you have, or would like to have? I read the news online as we gave up buying papers because they were just full of rubbish and depressing things. I admit to following the madeleine story with more than necessary fervour... I can't help it. I'm hooked. I love trash mags too, so always enjoy a bit of silly celeb gossip!

do you tell your real life friends about yours or other blogs you've read? Not really.

if blogs became extinct, what would you replace it with? Nothing, it's no biggie in my world. People are always trying to get me on facebook, but I don't have the time for another thing which needs constantly updating.

how many blogs do you have? This one, and one I keep for tesing and stuff. It was supposed to be somewhere to put my artwork and that but I'm too thick to get it going how I want to. I did have All About Eve which was mine and Colleen's really but that's gone now and I can't see me starting another due to the fact that I never seem to have a minute to myself as it is!

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Anonymous said...

hey!!! love your pics!! Vin looked fab! his hair is gorg! enough to make any women ang! glad you had a fabby time! miss yous!!!! xxxx jazzabelle xxxx

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