Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just for me...

Seeing as I had such a cruddy day today, I thought I'd make a layout just for me, to try and cheer myself up.

I found these carnival pictures and tried to create the excitement on the page of the booming drums, the pulsating, rhythmic music, and sights and sounds of Carnival! I even like the way the Spanish say it with the emphasis on 'val' with an 'a' sound as in cat) .

It's a bit more vibrant irl, and the glitter chipboard flowers are gorgeous... so I reckon I'm gonna pt it up on my board for a while so I can look at it and remember the fun.

Roll on February, eh - so we can dress up and be silly and do it all again :-)


Paula said...

Fabulous page!! The vibrancy certainly cheered me up this dull miserable, supposedly summer day!!

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Yeah!!!! I love it - hope you are feeling more cheerful now :o)

Eminepala said...

Amazing page sweetie... Woohooo...

Sue said...

Sorry you are feeling low hun.
Not a great day.
Fabby page :)

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