Friday, June 22, 2007


I made a big post on here last night... lots of pictures.. and when I checked it it had knocked all my side bar stuff to the bottom, so I had to delete it. How annoying. I'l try later and sort it out, maybe one of the pics was too big or something? Heaven knows, sometimes I hate blogger.

Anyway - i'll attempt my sneakies for tonight - and hope it wasn't them!

So here they are - my MOJO's for upload tonight. Be sure and pop in to check us out over the weekend, we're having a ball with this thing, and there'll be lots of eye candy on there for you from the lovely LO we're lifting, to our own individual interpretations of it :-)


Irene said...

Now there's a tease and a half - no sneakies showing!

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Oooh that looks nice! Will check it out later.

Irene said...

I can see them now - yummy!

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