Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why am I always the last to know....?

People drive past me... I know they do because they tell me.... " I saw you last night driving along the high st.. I beeped and waved, but you never saw me..."
And It's true - I never saw them.

All kinds of stuff goes on around me and I don't notice. Hoo-ha's at work, the police in the street, New buildings going up - old one's coming down... I drive along the same road every day and suddenly spot a new monstrous building and exclaim at it in wonder, and someone says "What.....? Don't tell me you never noticed that before - it's been there 3 weeks! You never saw them building it...never saw the mess?" And I mutter and mumble... because no, I didn't actually... I never noticed it at all.

Do I live in a dream world? Well, perhaps I do... maybe the places I go to in my head are prettier than that grey, grim world all around me... but sometimes I manage to the miss nice stuff too! And that's not so good, obviously.

I missed the launch of
this earlier in the week, for example... and in case you may have done as well, I've linked it here so you can pop over and say hi to the Creative World girls and have a look round a place I think is going to be very inspirational, full of eye-candied up ideas, and basically just plain gorgeous - a bit like the places my brain chooses to go to when I'm pootling along outside, and not much liking what I see all around me..... :-)

Agh....Go on....Anything that colourful deserves to be drooled over!


Irene said...

I miss stuff all the time too. I NEVER see anyone else when I am driving - I am concentrating on the road for heaven's sake!

Don't fret about missing stuff in scrapland. It's cos your arse is not glued to the seat in front of the PC! ;-) Thanks for the link though - just love the concept for that blog and can't wait to see what else they come up with.

joanna said...

Oh, thank you for the link and plug, hun :D - it's very exciting, and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it. I miss just about everything going on as well, Jake - makes life more peaceful, though!! xx

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