Thursday, June 07, 2007

happy days

Yay! - England won...!

OK - I know it was only Estonia, but we needed it and Michael scored, so I am sitting here with my Cheshire cat face on now..... silly perhaps but you know I love them. And wasn't Becks good!

Been working on something today for Friday... very excited about this, and absolutley lovin the page i've done. Won't be everyone's cup of tea maybe... but right now it's mine... and i've had so much fun doing it. Finally realising that this is what scrapping's supposed to be about - enjoying it all, and not stressin... :-)

And... I got invited to do a GDT spot earlier, for something really fantastic too - it's been a busy couple of days... and I still have something major I need to crack on with as the deadline draws ever near! Where to find the time?? :-)

Have a fabby day guys - back later with a sneaky and maybe some more news!


Irene said...

Hey - and Scotland finally managed to beat Faroe Islands too! :-) And considering the FI team are fisherman running around in wellies... Good job we can laugh ot ourselves.

Colleen said...

yeah, so now the LA galaxy is shaking in its boots that beckham won't play for them. it's all the buzz!

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