Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yeah, it's all good round here... :-)

Yay! Lotsa parcels arriving now, so i'm feeling pretttttttty good, and also I have a rake of exciting stuff going on too - but you know, busy hands are happy hands, as one of my old Irish mucker's would have said back in the day.... :-)

So! Exciting week ahead for me...!!!!

But first to my goodies! Got my stamps from Angel Crafts, and have to say that this was the first time I'd shopped there but I was impressed. I spent enough to get free P&P, which is always nice, but the comunication was good, and I didn't wait long for my stuff. Well packaged when it arrived and I'll be going back as they have lots of lovely stash I have my eye on!

My stamps from ebay came too, my scraproom kits, and some other bits, so no worries there - but gues what? Still NO book from Amazon! Grr! This was pre-ordered in JANUARY for delivery in FEBRUARY!

My Friday night MojoHolders layout has been sitting on my desk for several days as I was so delighted with this week's scraplift LO that I couldn't wait to get started and do my own interpretation of it. Coupla sneakies below - try to pop in and check us out when you get a moment :-) There's some lovely stuff going on, and we have some fabby designers coming up in the next few weeks both as guests and as featured artists. (hmm.... could be you soon, who knows!)

I haven't had time to fix these in PSE yet so the colour's poor - ignore that! Lol!



{{{{{Friday.... Time to reveal what me and some funky girlfriends of mine have been working on :-) Awww won't want to miss that! }}}}} ;-)


Lisa said...

you are such a tease!!! Just say it and you'll feel sooo much better once that secret is out! lol

Angela said...

Glad your stamps arrived OK and that you have had a wee play.

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