Monday, June 11, 2007

the waiting game...

Waiting on orders.. drumming fingers...stalking the postie...isn't it awful to be waiting for stuff?

I have my scraproom kits on the way, and it looks gorgeous this month, and i've added the stamps too (how naughty!)

3 sets of acrylic stamps from Angel Crafts - that's now been updated to processing

A set of alpha stamps off ebay - Autumn Leaves scribble - evidently posted

BHG from stampaddicts

A CD for Carlos from Vin for father's day, and one Vin ordered for himself. (Woolies have free P&P at the mo!! )

and of course my flaming book from Amazon!!!! Which wil probably go out of print before it arrives :-(

Plus Vin's new phone. So you can see why I'm impatient!

And look at all my ugly old albums... I really need some nice new ones don't I? Especially as I have two pizza boxes bursting with layouts that have nowhere to go as well... ho hum.


Ann(i)e said...

my goodness girl.....that's a lot for your lil' postie to deal with!!!
and on the albums....go for the American crafts d ring binder albums....i am in love with them!!

Irene said...

Goodness! Would love to rummage through your albums - that would be such fun.

Yes, of course you need new ones. ;)

domestic goddess said...

i hate waiting too hun, hope the postie comes real soon, i am with you on albums too

Paula said...

I hate the postie, he seems to know when your waiting & misses your door out!!

Glad Im not the only one with pizza box layout storage!

Colleen said...

don't even get me started on amazon. they suck. punto

suebaru said...

OMG!! All those albums!! I was going to suggest the same as can decorate them to look pretty!

jo said...

Know how you feel! Still waiting for 3 sets of stamps from US,loads of DCWV stacks from US, DVD for Neil for father's day from US, pair of walking boots from Ebay and ribbons from Ebay! Bound to arrive tomorrow when I have a DR appt! xxxx

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