Monday, June 04, 2007

Know what I'm doing tonight?

I'm having an early night... with my new books.

I haven't bought a lot of books lately, just the odd few here and there, but I had a bit of a splurge and bought four last week and they arrived today, so that's me later - tucked up in bed and filling up on inspiration and knowledge :-)

Amazon STILL owe me Paper and Pixels... which was a pre order that was supposed to be here way back in february, and just keeps getting delayed all the time...but i'm hanging on, as I really want it. Just hope they don't eventually say they can't get it at all - and I've had that before, so I know it does happen.

Also awaiting my scraproom kits - though I haven't even had time to make a single layout with last month's yet. Really must get on with something soon, before I forget how to scrap!

hugs all

jk xx

P.S - to those who know my old cat has been unwell lately, I just wanna say he seems to have turned the corner and is doing a lot better now. Talk about nine lives... Last seen scoffing a plate of prawns in the garden, the old fake. And I'd actually thought today was going to be the day... you know, resigned myself.... Animals - who'd have them!


Irene said...

Oh yummmmm... those look lurverly. Give us a review when you are done.

Kelly said...

please email me at and books look fabby, enjoy the long read :D

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