Sunday, July 01, 2007

no time for anything....

I've been busy. Had hardly any time for anything as I've had to assume all the admin and reception duties at work following my colleague's collapse and subsequent stay in hospital.

No happy news there, i'm afraid.

She's still gravely ill and we're all feeling terribly down about it. Chris is a friend, and all we can think about is how unbelievable all this is... I keep thinking back to late last year when she had her fancy dress birthday party and all the fun we had then... coming out of the blue like this, it's shaken me to the core. Doesn't help that she's the same age as me. I'm having trouble sleeping and can't stop thinking about her and all that's happened.

Off to the cemetry tomorrow with flowers for my MUm's birthday. She always liked that she and Princess Diana shared their birthday... but we won't be having a barbeque this year. We always had a barbi for Nanny on her birthday - me, my kids and sister always barbeque wherever in the world we are... all eating under the same stars... but this year the weather is too awful. I don't know where all this rain is coming from. It's shocking.

Here's last night's mojoholder layout - better late than never I guess, eh?

This is of course, the adorable MeeMee - Jazz's cute lil chi. Gotta love that sweet face! I looove this doggie so much it's not real. For a girl who only stands barely 8 ins high she has more character than any pup I know! She was sitting on my knee and turned round to look at me - so I snapped her :-) Love this pic.

We've been getting some gorgeous work in for the DT call! I'm dreading having to choose between them when the time comes to vote. Check out the blog for details on how to enter - there's still plenty of time to have a go!

jk x


Sue said...

Thinking of you Darling (((hugs))
My son died 17 years ago today as well.
Hope your friend is soon a lot better.

Irene said...

Chin up Jakey.

Love the puppy layout. I feel a song coming on... ;)

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