Saturday, June 23, 2007

All About Eve - WooHoo! - We have a Winner!!!

Congrats to Julie R. who got 6 out of 8 correct! YOU GO GIRL!
You should see an email from us shortly asking for your mailing address, and start stalking that mailman...your Cupcake Scrapshop May kit is on its way soon!

And thanks to everyone who played! We had such a great response, and some of you were soooo close. Especially Lemon, Ayelet and Gina!

Ok, all you Eves out there...

Check back on Monday, June 25th for our very first challenge!!!

You don't want to miss it, and we have a very special guest designer who we know you are all going to love.Oh yeah...wondering what the correct answers were?Well, here ya go!

HAGIT-I lived in Iran-I speak 4 languages.-I have never touched a cigarette, never will.

MARIA-I have a spider phobia and have a unique spider scream-I was born with a full head of dark brown hair with a streak of grey-I won the best 'blood sucker' award on a school ski trip after the teachers saw a boys neck that I'd been friendly with

AIMEE-I've never flown by myself-Including me & my DH there were 7 people at my wedding-I won 1st place in an asteroids video game tournament in the 80's

NICOLE-I've been with my hubby for 22 years.-My favourite thing to drink is straight tequila.-I cannot drive a car and so never had my driver's license

COLLEEN-I married my old high school sweetheart-I ate my first Twinkie 2 years ago and hated it-I hold the equivalent of a Jamaican green card

JAKEY-I can speak backslang-I was once a member in a championship dwyle flonking team-I crashed and wrote off my first car less than 15 mins after collecting the keys

EMINE-I smoke way too much-My favorite animal is the cat- My favorite scrap product is paint

IRENE-I have to sniff milk before I use it. Have to.-The shortest time I ever lasted in a job was 45 minutes.-I have dated men from every continent (except Antartica)

Jeesh... so now I'm asking myself how I ever got mixed up with all the other weirdo's on this blog... and the upside is, that others will be wondering too.... ha ha..... And the funny thing is, I'll never tell!! ;-)

1 comment:

Hagit said...

Did you just call me a weirdo? :)))

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