Monday, June 25, 2007

Got talent???

Well, who hasn't....?

Might not be the kind of talent that's going to make you famous like having a fantastic singing voice, fierce debating skills or the knack of writing bestsellers, but we all have talents - often unique to ourselves.

The film All about Eve - the inspiration for the title of our blog, was primarily about talent, and with this in mind we chose our first challenge - scrap your talents. Apart from the ability to put a few photo's on a page in a reasonably pretty way I couldn't think of many talents I had, (although my meatball mama recipe is always very much sought after....) but after some thought I decided to scrap my skills in divination - my gift for reading cards and runestones, which is not something I tend to talk about much.

Still, I reasoned, as I start this journey of attempting to put something of me into my books, if i'm to give a proper picture of who I am, I'm going to have to open up a bit and let the girl behind the camera come forward and shine in a way she never has before...

I hope some of you will decide to hold my hand and come with me. It's a bit scary stepping out on your own.

jk xxx

An Ancient Art--->

PLUS! we are joined this week by the most fantastic guest designer!! You really must see her gorgeous layout on the blog! And ah.... rumour has it she's planning on hanging out with us guys a lot more... wink wink.... so stay tuned!!


greyparrot said...

well I never! There's somethng I never knew about you! It takes a very gifted person to be able to read cards, as I discovered when I had mine done a few weeks ago by a romany. And she was spot on!
Right one day girly you are so reading my cards!

domestic goddess said...

love your Layout jakey, i am with correna on the reading, you can read mine any day and i never knew that about you xx

Rebecca said...

So excited about your new venture! BTW, you've been tagged. You need to list 7 random facts about you on your blog. Check out my blog.

Marjolein said...

I so totally love this LO you made!Think those talents are great, and, to be honest, a bit scary, but you made something special of it!

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