Friday, June 08, 2007

secret shops and more

I found a little shop yesterday - that i've never seen before. Now, i've worked in LB town for 3 years, go shopping over there more often than I do my OWN town, and while the town is old and there are lots of little alleyways, mews and courts etc, I thought I knew them all... not so. Someone mentioned a shop to me... selling craft stuff... and I couldn't believe I didn't know about it!

So I set off into town, found the alley and trotted up there ... passed a crystal/mystic shop... passed a gift shop... kept following little turns... and there it was! Scrapbooking products, card making, crafts in general.... honestly! How did it get past me for 3 YEARS!

Of course I snaffled up a few bits - be rude not to on my first visit eh? And promised to pop back next week when they've had their last order in.... Pop back? I'll be haunting them!

So here's my stuff :-) Emine! Orange paints drool drool... he he ;-) Got those for a lil project I have planned btw....

oh and the promised sneakie... of a lil thing coming up on friday night wink wink - see UKS for another hint ha ha!


Maria said...

Looks purty and sounds intriguing.

Have a fab weekend xxx

Kelly said...

oooh loving the stash, droolable hunny xx

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