Saturday, March 31, 2007


Just finished my pencillines LO for tomorrow... it's definately a bit different for me... but at the same time very much the same if that makes any sense?

I'm gonna be completely honest here; it's been a while since I scrapped anything and enjoyed doing it. My buddies have been at me... why am I not scrapping? What's the prob? What's going on...?

The answer is, I'm just too damn busy.

Yes, I knocked a couple of bits together last week for Scissor Sisters... but it was rushed stuff, and I feel very bad about that now. I like to make things in my own time normally, and to do a good job... I like to enjoy the process, even if I'm working for someone else. Deadlines I can deal with - but I had no idea at all that this ridiculous situation was going to suddenly appear on the domestic front - so thrown all out of kilter, I was getting late, and had to rush... But I will make it up in effort. I'm not known for being one who shirks or lets the side down, and I don't want anyone to think anything's changed there.

To get back to the LO I just finished... A dear friend sent me the papers... she claimed they were more me than her...... Oh Yeah! They were me alright! I loved them!

A Fabby pic too... But how come some people are JUST SO photogenic.. eh?? I mean, I'm not... why should they be ??

Will put a sneaky up in tghe morning - If I manage to find my camera


Anam_Kihaku said...

girl - cant wait to see your work!! it always rocks :)

suebaru said...

Well at least you finished your PL sketch before me!!

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