Monday, March 19, 2007

Return to normality? Not quite.... :-(

Several quick things to report.

On the home front, the last drop of paint has dried, the last piece of border has been stuck down, and the funky soft furnishings are in place. The carpet people are coming tonight with samples and as soon as it's laid we can put the new pine furniture together and get our clothes out of black bags and back on hangers... thank heaven's. I can't believe how much upheaval decorating can make in a house. The landing and hall are full of bags, my scraproom is completely stuffed, the dining room looks like a bombs hit it with boxes halfway to the ceiling, and everywhere's full of dust.

I just hope I get it all sorted by Friday as my sister and bil are coming up from Cornwall for the weekend. Right now, it's hard to even find my dining table let alone attempt to set a meal out...

I've had two pieces of worrying news in the last couple of days. First off is that Jazz has been confined to bed rest following problems in her pregnancy. We got a call from the hospital to say she'd been rushed in and was awaiting the arrival of her gynae to take tests. It seemed to be hours before they knew anything, and it was awful being here and worrying, and not knowing what was going on. They did bloods and a scan, and then the consultant arrived and after examining her he said she could go home but only if she rested completely - or he'd have her in. As that lot cost almost 300 Euro, they were glad to be allowed home. If she'd been kept in they'd have needed to find 2000 up front as a deposit. Obviously, the only important thing is that she and the baby are ok, but it's such a worry being so far away, and knowing she's scared and sad. She also has an infection, so has medication for that, and spent Mother's day yesterday in bed with little Ruben, watching disney dvd's and colouring.... he was as good as gold, and asked her "is your baby ok Mummy?" Bless him.

Saw Donz and the kids when they popped round bearing flowers and gifts and hot cross buns to share. We talked about their imminent house move (haven't had a date for exchange yet but all looking good so far) and we can't wait to see the place first chance we get. It sounds lovely and though they won't have such a big garden for the kids - and they'll be further away from us - not walking distance anymore, they'll have more room as it's a town house so they're very excited. Had a pretty card from Lally and a text wishing me happy mother's day, and got breakfast in bed from my boys and more chocs and flowers, then a gorgeos vase containg a rainbow of tulips arrived from Jazzabelle so I had a lovely day, and think myself very lucky to have such smashing kids.

The second piece of worrying news came this morning though, when Carlo's dad mailed to say that Grandad is in the hospital again, very poorly and now in the HDU. We'll go tonight to see how he is, but it doesn't sound good tbh. He's had serious heart problems for years, many operations and many scares... but he's a lovely lovely man, and Carl loves him to pieces so we're praying for another miracle. There's not much else to do now it seems.

Still no time for anything scrappy as I have to work today, have the carpet man and then the hospital tonight. I have a long day tomorrow as I'm at a meeting after work and will be there until 8.30 ish, so I imagine by the time I get home I'll be exhausted and just wanna flop.

I really cannot wait for things to get back to normal so I can scrap and play and wallow in stash.... Oh! And one piece of GREAT news! Carlo got his cheque finally!!!!! yay! he's only been waiting for this money since AUGUST last year... so you can imagine our delight when it finally plopped onto the mat the other day! :-)

Hope to be back soon with pictures and layouts and mini books and projects......!!
Love to all my bloggin buddies.... Mwuaaah!

jk x


Maria said...

Gosh, so much going on at the same time.

Will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Happy Monday xxx

Sprogpaws said...

((hugs)) Hope everyone is feeling loads better soon.

Irene said...

Fingers crossed for everyone jakey.

Sue said...

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel on the decorating front ..I bet it looks FAB!!
Hope you only hear good news at the hosp ((hugs))
You must be exhausted!

Paula said...

You are in my thoughts. I'm hoping everything is good & back to normal soon. I will say a prayer for you & I look forward to having you back crafting, it ain't the same without you around!!
Mind you, I haven't done a great deal myself but yesterday has given me scope once I get the photos!!!!!
Take care of yourself, wory can cause all sorts of problems such as mouth ulcers & headaches.xx

Laura G said...

never rains but it pours hun! Hope things pick up- thinking of you xx

domestic goddess said...

oh hunny you are having a rough time, hope everyone is well, thinking of you

scrapdolly said...

Jake I have been MIA so only just seen this
I hope Jazz is OK and Grandad too
Thinking of you

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