Friday, March 02, 2007


And we're home....

I can't honestly say I was happy to leave Lanza or the family behind... but leave we did, and got back here in the early hours of Wednesday morning. There were tears at the airport... too much emotion, and I thought we were over all that, but no... it was awful and i've been very sad ever since, so you can just imagine how much I wanted to go to work later that day can't you... However, having previously arranged for performers from the charity Music in Hospitals to come in and play and sing for the resi's, I really had to be there.

Anyway it was a lovely performance, and they all thoroughly enjoyed it, so worth the effort of struggling in to work with matchticks propping my red golf ball eyes open.

The tree there was snapped from my usual prone position... sprawled on a sun lounger in Jazz's garden, watching the baby play, Mee-mee by my side... talking and laughing about everything, as though these happy hours would never end.... oh lazy sunny days.... why do visits have to be so short?

We did lots of things... simple things, and I took a lot of pictures, but I haven't felt like putting anything on my blog in the last day or so as to be honest I haven't been feeling very much like communicating with anyone at all. I came home to find there has been all kinds of upset in the scrapping world (... again) and it's brought me down big time. Bad enough when things kick off and you don't know those involved. So much worse when it's friends.

Strange, but my blog appears to have had a furious flurry of hits over the last few days... even though I've been away for over a week and posted nothing....Either there's a LOT of folk out there desperate to see my pirate pic's, or else they're expecting me to comment on the events which took place while I was on a tiny little island, 4 hours away on a plane.

So it's like this, if it's holiday piccies you're looking for, then you've come to the right place... anything else, and you won't find it here - sorry. Of course, I'm sad that people were hurt, but I was not involved, and I just wish it would all go away before any more harm is done to anyone. TBH, I have problems enough in the real world, without looking for trouble within my hobby. I seem to spend my life walking away from stuff which threatens to make me unhappy. Life's just too short for all this, you know?

So, on with my pics:

Me and my boy, lunching in the San Miguel bar. This is the place we get great big pots of steamed mussels dripping in garlic and white wine sauce, served up with fresh chunks of crusty bread and crispy sea salt chips, just great for dipping :-) Every time we go out we make sure we have a meal there coz it's so relaxed and the food's gorgeous. Unfortunately, we also tend to get sunburned... not sure if it's a total suntrap - or if we stay to long owing to having Sangria legs....!

Vin with his little (big) Sis. First time he's ever been taller than Jazz. This is them at the Park at the bottom of their road. Lovely sunset over the mountains and sea.

Ruth and the boys round the pool at her new appartment. At this point she was desperately hungover and said she was never drinking again... ahem....she said.... ;-)

Ahoy Me Hearties!!! (Dontcha think Carl bears a striking resemblance to Peter Powell's JC! Lol)

Such serious Pirate faces! This is Rubie doing his 'eyes darting' look! Is he still at it Jazz? And check out Erk's gnashers.... Eeeuw!

The wenches ;-) Jazzabelle and Rufus

The boys - look at the love affair between Ruben and GramGram.... :-)

The entire crew! This was early before the parades, proper

Carlos appeared to strike a challenging pose as every self respecting pirate who passed on a float felt compelled to leap down and cross swords with him, much to the amusement of the crowd!
Me and the little man in matching costume (quite by accident, but how funny!)
I had a helluva job keeping Polly on straight too! The darned thing had been at me Rum Bottle methinks!

So there you go - a few piccies out of many hundreds :-) I have some great photo's from the bird park too, and plan a mini book with those I think. Doubtful I'll have much time for scrapping for a bit however as I have a lot on... but we live in hope, don't we?

Til next time then - love and hugs to all

jk x


Irene said...

Fabulous photos Jakey - you look so happy in them. You should check out Kate Hadfield's blog - she has some great pirate doodles on sale.

Welcome home!

scrapdolly said...

The pictures are fab hun and it is soooooooo good to have you home. I missed ya

Caroline said...

Glad you had a great time with your family,the photos look great

Anonymous said...

Looks as though a great time was had by all :)
Jane (Brods)

Annette said...

Sweetheart those photos are fab. Glad you had a wonderful time xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Didnt we just have such a fab time guys! We were so sad to see you go home...(even if our waists wasnt!)Till next time....oh arrr! me heartys!!! ho ho ho and a bottle of...

forever love you three
jazz xxx

Paula said...

Fantastic photos.
sorry you feel so sad, but I wasn't suprised after being where you want to be, close to your family.
I was however suprised your home!My blog feed said you'd blogged & i had it in my head it was next Wednesday you were back!!!
Oh well, been ill & nothing sticks in my pixie head right now!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

fabby photos :) glad you have a great time and love that photo of your boy and your girl :) class!! good to have you back here though too :) and yes, life is way too short for cack.

Paula said...

That young pirate is the sweetest ever! :)

Welsh Claire said...

I Love Parades! How great that you all dressed up, it looks a lot of fun :) Is this the same festival as on Tenerife? We've been to to that one!

ali said...

Niall wants to know if he can go with you next year?

Gillian Hamilton said...

Amazing Photo's...esp this last one... makes me smile..

Debbie said...

Oh WOW awesome pics Jakey ... glad you had a good holiday. ((hugs)) for having to say "goodbye" ... hoping it's not long till you get to visit again!

suebaru said...

Fab photos hun! Good to have you back though!

Laura G said...

Glad you had a fabby time hun!! Love the pics!!

Maria said...

Loves like you had a fab time Jakey:)

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