Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yay!! freebies from Kate!

Kate has freebies on her blog today!!


If you downloaded the freebie doodled alphabet and goodies a while back, you might want to add to the collection with the extra doodled punctuation pack she is offering today. Don't forget this is not just for digi artists... more and more of us are downloading digi elements to print out and use on our paper creations, so if you haven't yet ventured into the realms of hybrid scrapping, now's your chance to try for free!

While you're there check out her other amazing digi packs, available from
The Lily Pad

Thanks Kate - Love your stuff girly!!

1 comment:

Kate (aka whatkatiedid) said...

Awww Jakey, thank you! Glad you like them!

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