Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What strange weather we're experiencing lately... this week I've been leaving the house and driving to work in thick fog... lights on, can't see more than a few feet... by mid morning the sun is shining.... and by hometime, I have my sunroof up and windows down!

WooHoo! Sunnies on... and wind in your hair... feels like summer!

But then in the evening it's gets cold again... In fact, it was so chilly last night I couldn't sleep - had to go get a fleecey blanket to snuggle in and switch the heating back on. Most unusual, eh?

Have to confess to being a bit naughty on the kit front... had a small splurge and have some yummy pretties on their way to me as I write ;-) Ah well... you have to treat yourself and allow yourself to be treated, sometimes... No?

It's just that as I'm feeling happy again and things are on the up, I wanted to keep my spirits smilin so I succumbed to 3 kits... well, four, coz 2 from one place, but they were in the sale, so don't count... do they? :-D

If they all arrive on the same day, my postie will kill me.... hee hee.

I've got a few bits lined up to do, so will need some sassy and scrummy stash to work with, and i'm almost ready to upload my SS work.... just a bit of faffing to do and then I can share.

Yeah... I've been a busy bee!


Irene said...

Oh you have me soooo tempted but think DH would kill me. Enjoy!

Caroline said...

Whats that last kit? I think I NEED it!

jake said...

It's the scraproom flavour of the month kit, Caroline. I spotted it on Anso's blog and Lemon encouraged me.... But I'm not encouraging you, mind!

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