Sunday, March 04, 2007

I can't look!

Carl is drilling - putting all the new shelves etc up in the finally finished bathroom... and I can't look. Mr DIY he's not, but he's determined to have a go, and is, as I write, drilling holes through my new tiles (!!!) in order to put up the window blind... pray for me girls....please.

Went into town yesterday and bought a white blind and white shower curtain, plus lots of new chrome and glass shelves and bathroom accessories. Our bathroom is small so we need to keep it light and airy and I think it's gonna look lovely by tonight.

I hope, anyway ;-)

I had an accident yesterday while painting. I was up on a set of ally steps and didn't notice a nut had come loose... next thing the bolt's slipped and I went flying - paint brush in hand. Thankfully, I didn't make a mess anywhere with paint, but I did land awkwardly against a door (+handle) and hurt my back. Flipping caning me now too, but and worse that that the steps are buckled and have had to be chucked out and I've loads more decorating to do.... Bugger! I knew I shouldn't have eaten all that bread on holiday (Lol Jazz!)

On the scrapping front I got a lovely parcel from Scissor Sisters with lots of gorge DT stuff in, and I see our new website is now up and running - check out their range of sweet Bella Blooms, tiny tins and new chipboard books - and lucky me - I have loads to play with :-)Lol!

Kate has some fabby free Musical notes to download on her site here . Perfect for anyone with a music mad kid like I have.

And Anna closes the door on BumbleBee crafts today (big sale going on), but re-opens next week with Scrapping Angels so bookmark that for kits, retreats, news etc.

Congrats to Suzanne and Caz for getting into the top 50 on MM Idol comp!! Way to go girlies!

So, til later I'lll leave you with a couple more pic's from the carnival


scrapdolly said...

sorry to hear about your back - take care

And I totally identify with the not Mr DIY

Look forward to seeing a picture of the finished bathroom - it sounds wonderful

Kim said...


hope your ok now.


Anam_Kihaku said...

sendin huge healing hugs. hope the diy went ok

Debbie said...

Just checking in to see if your bathroom tiles survived Mr so not DIY lol.
And I so hope your back is OK this morning?!

Denise B said...

Hey Jakey!!!! Sorry to hear about your accident. We're missing you over at SF!!!

Paula said...

Take care of yourself, hun!
Those photos are gorgeous, so vibrant such emotion captured in them.

lemon said...

so did he finish it or is he still at it. take care of that back girlie

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Hope you're doing okay now - and that whatever shelves went up are still there LOL!

Paula said...

Are you out of decorating land yet, or have you fallen & hurt yourself again.
you've been gone a while girlie!!!

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